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    Reply To: Writing a children's book about Muscular Dystrophy

    hi your idea is just what I am looking for. I am 60 yrs old now I lost my brother from Duchene Muscular Dystrophy 18 yrs ago I remember the day my dad told me that my brother had MD I was 11yrs old.
    I had never heard of the condition before, I repeated it over and over to myself until I found a pen to write it down. I went to library and asked for a book about MD they had to send away for one, when it arrived it was a very large reference book, at 11yrs old I could not understand it.
    now 18yrs on my nephew has been diagnosed with the same condition. he has three young sisters and I think a book aimed at them helping them to understand about the condition, what to expect, in a child friendly way is exactly what is needed. when you have written your book I will be on your waiting list for a copy.

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