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    Re: STS/Vecttor Treatment

    Over the last year many members have been asking for information regarding Dr Rhodes and his STS / Vecttor treatment for Duchenne. In light of this and members requests for him to appear at our conference, the board of trustees have voted to invite Dr Rhodes to talk about his work at a workshop at our annual conference. This will provide an opportunity to debate the merits and possible need for further investigation and a clinical trial involving Vecttor machines.

    We must stress at the moment that there is no clinical or scientific evidence that can verify claims of the benefits made by Dr Rhodes, parents or users of this machine. Action Duchenne can not endorse STS / Vecttor due to the lack of data and trials, but recognise the merits of maintaining an open but cautious view where opportunities may exist to help those living with Duchenne

    Dr Rhodes is appearing at the conference at his own expense.

    Action Duchenne board of trustees

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