Aston is a winner with Powerchair football


Playing Powerchair football has given Aston Walls the confidence to strive to be independent – including pushing his ‘able bodied’ school to allow him to fit in. 

An early passion for soccer developed into a love for Powerchair football for Aston, 12, from Nottingham who is living with Duchenne muscular dystrophyHis mum Sarah says she strongly believes that Aston’s day to day confidence comes from the Powerchair games.  She said:

“Aston now plays Powerchair football in a league that wouldn’t exist without Muscular Dystrophy UK, so for that and for everything we are very grateful that you exist. 

 Over the last couple of years Aston has pushed his school through its comfort zone by striving to be independent. He takes himself the mile to school every morning and he recently auditioned for his school play, which meant they had to find a way to deliver it outside of the usual stage and audience set-up as Aston couldn’t get onto the stage.” 

Aston was diagnosed when he was three. Sarah said that by the age of eight he had lost the ability to walk and now, aged 12, he has very limited physical movement. 

“We had good support from a care co-coordinator to help get a wheelchair and the charity’s leaflets and adaptation guidelines have been great to educate grandparents, carers, professionals, school staff, the local adaptations officer – even the builder!” 

“Before Powerchair Aston had very little confidence and he felt as if he had failed at everything he had ever tried to do because his body had let him down.

“The sense of pride when he scores a goal or when he has won a medal or trophy, the pat on the back from a team-mate when they recognise how hard he tried during a match, is something he had not really experienced.” 

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