Big 60 challengers Georgia & David virtually climbing Mount Everest over 60 days!

Walking up and down 1000 steps a day is having to become a normal routine for Big 60 fundraisers Georgia Santry and David Burke.

Georgia, 21, has a sister who lives with limb girdle muscular dystrophy and she is already well into her virtual challenge to climb Mount Everest along with her partner, David (21) from home, as part of a Big 60 challenge.

Georgia, a physics student at Newcastle University and David, a maths student at Edinburgh University are doing the climb, up and down their stairs, in 60 days. It entails climbing an equivalent of about 980 stairs (64.5 flights of stairs up and down) every day.

Georgia explained:

We decided to support MDUK as it is a charity that is held close to our hearts. I am the middle girl in three sisters and we have all been a part of the MDUK community since Kiera’s diagnosis (my older sister) 15 years ago. We have seen how this is not just a charity, but also a close group of special people and we want to continue to raise money so that people with muscular dystrophy and their families can continue to get maximum support.

Walking up and down almost 1000 steps a day is having to become as much of a normal routine as brushing our teeth in the morning. We’re keeping focused with podcasts. We’re currently 12 days ‘in’ and have climbed up and down 12,000 stairs so far. Although the challenge is tough… we are thoroughly enjoying it.

We do love a challenge and we found the big 60 one very appealing as we could choose where and when we wanted to take it on. We really like the authenticity of the challenge itself. Anyone, of any ability, can take part in it – it excludes no one.


It could involve the whole family, some friends or you could even simply make it your own personal goal over the next month or so. It is so easy to sign up and is such a great cause. They have provided some great ideas on their website which may help you choose your own unique challenge. Simply put, everyone can choose to challenge themselves in any way that involves the number 6 or 60!

Muscular Dystrophy UK’s Challenge Events Officer, Kiera Santry said:

Taking on a fundraising challenge is a truly courageous thing to do in normal times. Having to find the motivation and commitment to create and then complete one during this pandemic is even more challenging.


We feel very proud that Georgia and David have chosen to support MDUK by taking on their Big 60 Challenge and we thank them on behalf of all the MDUK community they are fundraising for”

Georgia said:

During these difficult Covid-19 times, charities need the extra support from fundraisers. Given that this is a charity very close to our hearts we want to help the charity in any way that we can.


Our ultimate goal is to raise money for MDUK to ensure they’re here in the future to support those living with these muscle-wasting conditions and to continue funding research into treatments and cures.


We’d love to think that our story and challenge may encourage others to take part in the Big 60 Challenge as it is such a good way to support the charity and the people that suffer with muscular dystrophy. We want to have fun and let that shine through our fundraising journey.

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