Marathon Training at Christmas


Tuesday Charlton will be out running as part of her London marathon training right through the Christmas break, determined to fundraise for two cousins living with duchenne muscular dystrophy.

The 25 year old Sheerness woman, who has signed up to run her first marathon next year, says running in the winter, before and after work, is very tough.

Training may be hard but nothing like as difficult as life has been at times for my two cousins, Connor (23) and Craig (17) Stores, from Sittingbourne. I have grown up alongside them and seen at first hand how their physical strength has diminished. They have fantastic, positive attitudes and they are getting a huge kick out of my ‘marathon for them’

Collecting donations can be as challenging as the training for the event, but Tuesday, who works in sales for a large pharmaceutical company, says her customers are very  generous when they hear what she is doing.

Muscular Dystrophy UK’s Senior Events Officer, Rory Criddle said

Running a marathon is a truly courageous thing to do. Before they even reach the start line and look to the 26.2 miles ahead, runners must find the determination to train through the harshest months of the year and to work hard to hit their fundraising targets. We feel proud that Tuesday has chosen to rise to the challenge for Muscular Dystrophy UK and to help us improve the lives of thousands of families living with muscle wasting conditions.  

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