Still drumming, still touring and still happy about it!

Drummer Ian Baird, 28, and his band From Sorrow to Serenity, have just finished their latest European tour.

It’s a tough gig for Ian, who was recently diagnosed with Limb Girdle muscular dystrophy, but he says the adrenaline rush he gets from playing to the crowd,  whether it’s at home in Glasgow, Berlin or Tokyo, means he will never give up.

Ian sent Muscular Dystrophy UK his story through a special website section after he messaged the MDUK Facebook page and was sent a link to the share your story section.

It was super helpful. It feels very good to share my experiences and hopefully it can be inspiring for others who are suffering.

The band tour several times a year and Ian says that being on the road is a unique and amazing experience – but doesn’t come without a lot of physical requirements.

A lot of people don’t realise the levels of hard work and physical labour that goes into being part of a professional touring band. It’s basically a 12 hour shift every day, driving and then loading all your gear in and out – it’s very tiring and when you’re sleeping on couches or even hardwood floors, that makes it a little more difficult.


Unfortunately as a band we still don’t earn enough to make a living out of playing music, so I still work a day job. It’s difficult, psychologically, to go from playing sold out shows in Tokyo to sitting at a desk updating spreadsheets.


After my diagnosis, I did a public Facebook post explaining it and my struggle with it. The response from family, friends and fans of the band was unbelievable. I felt so much support from everyone and it’s absolutely wonderful to be involved in a scene as respectful and caring as the metal community.


I received messages asking about my experience, talking about their own experiences or simply to say how inspiring it is to see someone not giving up because of a rubbish disease.”

Ian joined the band in 2015 – he said the symptoms that led to my diagnosis went on for about eight years. “I started walking differently – but it didn’t really become a problem until a year or so after joining the band.”

Ian added that he is hugely supported by his girlfriend who is incredibly kind and caring.

The next European tour starts on November 22nd. For more information see:  

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