Gifts in wills, donations and family fundraising help us to beat muscle-wasting conditions more quickly.

Please donate now or fundraise for us. Thanks to your support, we’ll be able to fund vital, ground-breaking research.  We’ll also be able to provide information and advice and get the right specialist care for everyone living with muscle wasting conditions in the UK today.


Your support can make a huge difference, for example:

  • £16 could ensure parents of a newly diagnosed child get accurate information, vital advice and the support they need via our Freephone helpline service.
  • £35 could give support to a family for week, through our free helpline, peer to peer support programmes and our information sheets
  • £44 could ensure another hour of scientific research in the drive towards effective treatments and cures for devastating muscle-wasting conditions
  • £48 could enable us to provide an individual or family with access to a specialist physiotherapist who can show them the valuable muscle-stretching techniques that could keep them or their child walking for longer
  • £150 could give young people living with muscle-wasting conditions a chance to participate in Trailblazers. This is a network of young disabled people drawing attention to and helping to solve the everyday discrimination they face in life, and supporting each other to live more fully and independently.
  • £352 could fund a day of world-class research, driving the pace of development in the search for treatments and cures for devastating muscle-wasting conditions
  • £900 would enable us to make a significant contribution towards the cost of a child’s powered wheelchair, and enable us to signpost families to further financial support
  • £1,153 could enable us to take a step closer to treatments and curers for muscle-wasting conditions, by funding a UK Clinical Research & Training Fellow for a week
  • £1,897 could provide a range of powered, variable posture double and single beds, accessories including bedside rails and grab rails
  • £2,000 would enable individuals and families to meet together as a Muscle Group, providing peer-to-peer support and advice and tackling local issues that affect their independence and quality of life
  • £2,500 would provide a trained advocacy ambassador for every region, to connect with others living with muscle-wasting conditions, providing advice and support
  • £3,500 could enable us to provide a piece of voice or eye controlled software and hardware to enable a young person with a progressive muscle-wasting condition retain their independence for longer.
  • £4,000 would enable us to publish one of our APPG campaigns, ensuring the equal rights of people living with muscle-wasting conditions. Or we could publish one of our Trailblazers ‘Top Tips’ guides to help people live more independently
  • £5,000 could fund a full month of pioneering research to find treatments and cures.

You can match your donation to a particular area of our work, for example the Duchenne Research Breakthrough Fund, and other condition-specific appeals.

We hope you feel inspired by our work. Remember you can donate online safely, quickly and easily. And if you have any questions, please get in touch.


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