Muscular Dystrophy UK to launch ELearning module for physiotherapists

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Lloyd Tingley
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Muscular Dystrophy UK is pleased to announce that we are working with specialist neuromuscular physiotherapists to create a new online training course. The new course will support physiotherapists working with children affected by muscle-wasting conditions to provide best-practice care.

The course will focus on two important aspects for children with muscle-wasting conditions and their families:

Firstly the course will provide community physiotherapists with tools and support to offer the best possible therapy input to children. This will involve exercise prescription, stretches and equipment such as orthotics. This area is vital to support children to maintain the best possible psychical condition while their condition is potentially progressing.

This section of the course will be based on recently launched guidelines for paediatric physiotherapists on best-practice care by the Association of Paediatric Chartered Physiotherapists, which were supported by Muscular Dystrophy UK.

Secondly the course will provide specialist neuromuscular physiotherapists with training on the best possible assessments to undertake with children who have conditions such as Duchenne muscular dystrophy and spinal muscular atrophy. This will involve case study based scenario learning to support physiotherapists knowledge of the key protocols for assessments. This training will ensure better quality physiotherapy data is available, which can be used for future clinical trials. Having better quality data can strengthen the impact of a trial and hopefully lead to more efficient future treatments.

By working closely with both specialist and community physiotherapists this course will be a welcome resource to ensure care improvements continue to be made in the UK. We hope to launch the first part of the course in the summer of 2018

The course comes following the successful launch of our online module for physiotherapists working with adults living with muscle-wasting conditions. The module, created in partnership with specialist physiotherapists and the universities of Kingston and and St George’s has now been taken by over 1,000 physiotherapists.

Bobby Ancil from Muscular Dystrophy UK said:

The charity is really pleased to have committed to produce this new ELearning module that will support paediatric physiotherapists. We hope that once launched the module will have a big impact in improving both the clinical dataset for research trials and the day-to-day physiotherapy input that children and their families receive in the UK.

For any more information on the new course or to get involved with it’s production please get in touch with Lloyd Tingley on

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