Trailblazers launch investigation into the need for hoists in UK hotels

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Lauren West
Accessible tourism

Our All Inclusive report reveals that many young disabled people are currently missing out on the opportunity to travel independently and holiday in the location and accommodation of their choice.

The report also shows poor services and the complications faced by disabled people when organising a holiday. It highlights planning can be stressful and lead to anxiety and uncertainty. It turns a break into a chore.

The report also revealed that eight out of ten young disabled people believe holidays are more expensive as a direct result of disability. One of the potential extra costs is potentially having to hire equipment such as mobile hoists.

At Trailblazers, we believe the difficulty along with expense of hiring hoists and the lack of hotels with hoist facilities, mean that disabled people are potentially missing out on holiday opportunities. For this reason, we have launched a new investigation into the provision of hoist facilities in hotels.

We know some hotels are moving in the right direction with chains like Premier Inn and IHG hotels installing some rooms with ceiling hoists. However, progress is slow and there are entire areas of the UK that have hotels with no hoist facilities at all.

How you can get involved?

If you require a hoist to transfer then you can fill in our survey here.

Also, if you have a particular story you want to tell, good or bad, about using a hoist in hotels, you can blog for us.

Please note, unlike most Trailblazers investigation, this one is open to people of all ages.

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