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    Advice Please

    Hello , we have an 11 year old Son with a congenital myopathy who is on overnight bipap. We decided to take him out of school 3 weeks ago due to Coronavirus. We are unsure what to do with regards my husband who works as a delivery driver for a supermarket, and our 18 year old Daughter who still wants to look after the school garden to help with her mental health. We need advice as to whether we should all be staying inside, or if its ok for my husband to still go to work.
    Any advice would be much appreciated.

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    Hello and welcome Jasmine. This is indeed a very difficult time deciding what is the best to do for your family and of course everyone else. You will know that should your son contract the virus then it could have very serious consequences for him, whilst equally your husband is providing a vital service and your daughter gains benefit from helping with the gardening at school.
    You really should seek professional advice from your GP or similar source. Your husband will come into contact with many people which will increase the risk of getting the virus. The school where your daughter goes may have a number of people there too whom she could come into contact with. Thus there is considerable risk from both of bringing the virus home. In the interim you may be able to find your daughter alternative therapy by finding work in your own garden or with growing in pots, tubs and the like. Your husband will need to seek guidance from work, or via a union if he has one.
    Clearly, most will recommend staying at home, especially where there is someone who already has a compromised respiratory system. do please contact your medical advisor as soon as you can and do please let us know the outcome.


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