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    Air Products vent user forum – access issues?

    I don’t know whether Air Products are the people who now do my vent maintenance or if I’ve bought things from them in the past but I wondered what people thought of their invite to the vent user forum (if anyone got one).

    I received the info today – and the forum is next Wednesday (3rd Oct) starting 10.30 in London!
    (‘Carers can go and travel is reimbursed).

    No brownie points (pardon the pun as the venue is Baden Powell House next to Natural History Museum) :lol: but I can spot a few problems.

    On the topic of forums / user groups / consultation type events…

    Unless your the more mobile vent user then I HATE it when forums are at short notice, in London, starting in the morning – just not possible. I’m also thinking that a lot more of these sort of things are now completely out of the picture for me now that I use a hoist for the loo. No one seems to be looking into access like using some tech – even just skyping the meeting or something basic! Surely a venue could rig up a laptop/ipad and beam put some audio and pictures or even Tweet it or something!!

    I’d like to participate but realistically I’m pretty restricted to events where they are broadcast or have some kind of internet link up to ‘talk’.

    I wish there was a scheme where, like booking a BSL interpreter, the could book a person with a laptop, web cam and audio link up and a channel to beam out on. :?:

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