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    Awaiting DNA – what a year !

    Hello I’m Tracy 52, likely inherited distal myopathy awaiting DNA .
    I have elevated ck levels, abnormal MRI scans,emg was cause for concern then had muscle biopsy which showed myofibrillar myopathy, after the biopsy I had a large haematoma behind my knee which caused further surgery.
    I appear to be clumsy and trip
    My ankles are weak but the right is worse, I’m wearing a ankle/foot brace for support.
    I feel the last year as been a rollercoaster, I thought I had fibromyalgia after a injury at work…this was 2014! and I wondered why I never recovered the physio was saying something is wrong, more tests more consultants I see more waiting and eventually I get answers but probably not the ones I was expecting 🤷‍♀️ thanks for reading

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    Always difficult time.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    Hello and welcome Tracey. Life has indeed been a roller coaster, and I would guess a ride which you would not want to take. More tests and more consultants, more appointments, will hopefully lead you to a good diagnosis and appropriate treatment.


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