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    Car Adaptions

    Hi, I’m after some help/advice (again!). I have recently taken posession of my new powered wheelchair (125kg). I am keen to stay as independant as I possibly can for as long as I can, however, I am finding this quite difficult. My problem is trying to find a suitable car that I can get my chair into so I can continue working and getting out and about.

    I have discovered that there is little advice out there and it is very much a case of ‘go find out for yourself’, which is fine but I seem to keep hitting brick walls! I need a car that, ideally, I can get the powered chair into myself without assisstance so I looked at hoists, unfortunately all the boot hoists seem to require me to bend down to hook the hoist to the chair, unfortunately my balance is poor and I cannot do this. I then looked at ramps so that I could drive the chair into the car and then transfer to the drivers seat, the car needs to be an automatic (can no longer drive a manual comfortably) and the ramp needs to be electric so that I can wheel my chair in and then get the ramp into the car (as I wouldn’t be able to lift a ramp by myself).

    I can’t seem to find a car that meets my requirements but can’t belive that one doesn’t exist as I can’t be the only person that has these requirements. I don’t really want a ‘drive from’ option as I want to try and remain out of my chair as much as I possibly can until the time comes when this won’t be an option.

    Has anyone got any suggestions or options. I would be really grateful as it took me a while to get my head around needing the chair and now I have I’m keen to get out there and use it but at the moment it (and me) are stuck in the house until I can find a soultion.

    I’m really grateful for any suggestions…..



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    Re: Car Adaptions

    A difficult problem, I know, and part of the trouble is that there’s no “one-size-fits-all” solution.

    Have you tried being in touch with any of the Mobility Centres? They should have the sort of info you need. You can find your nearest one via here:

    Or there’s Motability, but they may only help if either the vehicle or the wheelchair is one of theirs.

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    Re: Car Adaptions

    Hi I was wondering if you sorted out your car problems as reading your comments is exactly what I am trying to achieve!

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    Re: Car Adaptions

    Hi guys, have a quick read of this


    Especially the second post. I need to update it as I have now had my assessment but I would recommend Derby DrivAbility to anyone!

    Best of luck

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