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    Childrens recliner chair

    This morning while opening my mail I came across this recliner children’s chair from a home shopping group.

    I myself have always been real short even as a child. My mother always had a struggle both finding seating to buy herself and also with the OT services.

    It came to a point when I had mostly to sit at the kitchen table as it got too hard to get up from the floor and the depth of the regular chairs wasn’t comfy for me.

    I think this is a great looking chair. its in child proportions’ and looks like a regular chair but with the added comfort of the recline feature..

    The add blurb..

    Tested and certified for use by children. Unique entrapment prevention design. Push back recline action – same mechanism as adults furniture. Boy and girl colour options. Durable and easy to clean leather effect finish. H 71, w 61, d 70cms approx. Colours: Black, Blue, Chocolate, Pink. have it for £79 Cat No: UV8881N

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