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    Help Please

    Hi there,
    We are hoping to see if anyone out there knows of anyone who has had Achilles tendon lenthening done? Our 6 year old son, who has been diagnosed with Becker MD,has been strongly advised to get this procedure done? We understand all the logic and reasons behind why it needs to be done, BUT the biggest fear is the muscle deterioration in the cast, which will be on for 4 weeks! We fear that once the cast comes off it will take a very long time to get muscle strength back in his calf muscle, or if at all. All the specialists are saying to us, thankfully he is very active and strong and young, which will all stand to him:-) As you can understand we are very anxious to make the right decision for our little boy! We were told we would be waiting awhile for the procedure, but then they came back to us a couple of days ago saying there may be a slot this coming Monday, so we are in a big panic! I really hope someone has some knowledge on this? Please Help? Thank you

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