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    Neck support

    Hello I am a physio working with a teenage boy with merosin negative muscular dystrophy he had spinal surgery over a year ago, and is now struggling with his head position in his chair which is having a knock on affect to his posture.
    Does anyone have an idea what can be used to help him maintain is head in a good position, it won’t be used all day more for rest periods. Myself and the OT have tried various types of head and neck supports, such as soft neck collars and supports that attach to the wheelchair. He struggles to tolerate both the soft collars affects his swallow and speech.
    Any ideas will be gratefully received, I have asked the local specialist centre (unfortunately what they suggested did not work) and posted on the physio chat room (waiting for response)


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    I use a bean type travel pillow. sort of barrel shape. beans can be removed to alter size and shape.

    I use one when sitting on recliner but in car I put it at lower back to improve posture. the problem may not be at neck area but lower back. the muscles could be weak there.

    if he was using his chair cushion before opp. it may simple be that the posture change is upsetting his posture and old cushion had old butt groove.

    Wheelchair services should be able to offer a different head rest with side supports.

    some pics for ideas.

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    I went to orthotics and they specially made a neck support perfect for me. They made a 3D model of your head/chest and the support then fits your body perfectly. Mine is just for use when tired but they can make it any shape/design which might work better. Mine is like wearing a bra (haha) connected to a support that is similar shape to your spine running up to my neck. Larger smaller ones can be molded depending how tired or weak.

    Only problem was it took a while to get it made and work properly as changes might be made.

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