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    Nursing home.. yes.. that’s right!!

    So my partner receives some assistance from attendant carers every day, for his personal care. Currently he lives with his father, who works full time.. despite this, he provides an awful lot of his son’s care, and I help out where I can (but I also work full time, luckily different shifts to his dad).

    There are several factors which cause his carers to run over time..

    1. some only come once a fortnight so need reminding every time what to do..

    2. while a couple of them are focussed and are a step ahead of the action, others just float around the house and take 3 times longer to do things than others..

    3. some speak very poor English and have difficulty understanding what my partner is requesting of them..

    4. some have done, say, the morning service, then get sent in for the night service once to cover for someone else, but haven’t been trained to do the other services..

    5. some take personal phone calls while working..

    6. morning service is 2 people for the first part of the service, so if one carer is late, service can’t continue until second person gets there, this runs the first person late..

    As a result, he never keeps to his prescribed hours.. this week a meeting with the manager had the manager and the coordinator threatening that if he can’t get his hours down, they will put him into “supported accommodation” (see nursing home). Tell me why a man in his mid 30s with a girlfriend would want to live in a care facility, when he is capable of living at home with the appropriate care. This has greatly upset both of us, and gave him trouble sleeping the night of the meeting.

    I don’t know that there is a question here.. I just wanted to share with you all.

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    Re: Nursing home.. yes.. that’s right!!

    A friend of mine who lives in Australia told me this sort of thing was happening and I could not believe it. Now I am reading about an actual example. I truly hope that you and your partner convince the authorities that a nursing home is not the answer.

    Most of the points you make would apply to me too – you just can’t put times to some activities and things happen that require more care and attention is needed. Putting myself in your partner’s postion, I would feel pretty angry right now. I get such a good care package in comparison, I only wish other people did as well.
    Also surely the tasks should be completed and it is not the fault of the person needing the care if carers sent are late, slow, untrained etc. You would think the care providers need to buck up their ideas and improve the care being received. So unfair :(

    Keep us posted and take care.

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    Re: Nursing home.. yes.. that’s right!!

    This must be such a shock.

    Surely everyone, everywhere has come to the conclusion that it is always
    far cheaper and much easier to support a person in their own home.

    I do hope in this case when they look into it further that the weight of evidence will
    surely show this.

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    Re: Nursing home.. yes.. that’s right!!

    It seems that what ever the system failings it is the disabled persons faut, sheesh that guy is not in charge of his carers time keeping.

    When my father was alive and he had home care, I was always questionng the time the people put in his book and the time he was charged. Nearly every month I writing letters and photocopying sign sheets and getting hours credited to the following month because of over charging – it is just wrong, but indicative of the lack of respect or responsibility.

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    Re: Nursing home.. yes.. that’s right!!

    I was on the receiving end of the same for a short while before I got rid of the agencies contracted to social services and chose my own agency (as back up for Personal Assistants). I had people come in at all the wrong times, some were lazy and others run of their feet because of poor management. I tried quite a few and they were all rather unprofessional.

    Some were smelly, untrained or didn’t speak English. I had one lady who was dyslexic and couldn’t follow directional instructions at all and felt bad she had been sent to someone who needed to explain positional things!

    An agency will always have a code of conduct – and to say your the problem rather than their miss management is a good reason to complain.

    We have a right to competent support – a quality of service. If a company can’t give it, then they don’t deserve the money they are being paid. There must be other company’s who take care and assistance seriously and give people the dignity and respect they deserve?

    It is so wrong to make you guys feel like you are the problem. Hope you can get a better service.

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