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    Hi All
    I’m new to this forum and my son has this.. we are currently trying to claim pip and he has been refused again. Any one been in this situation thanks Ann marie

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    Hello Ann Marie and welcome to the forum. PIP is a constant source of worry and problems for many with MD, or any disability for that matter. A simple search on Mr Google or elsewhere would show the extent of the problem. As a consequence the government are introducing changes that is supposed to make it more friendly.
    That said I would suggest anyone who has ever applied, would suggest that you get some help in filling out the form in PIP language. Another good place to look is

    PIP assessments thoroughly inadequate for people with muscle-wasting conditions

    Look on this forum for PIP and a number of threads will come up to highlight the problems claiming. Clearly talking to the super people at the MDUK will also give you more help, as they have with me in the past. Your doctor, neurologist, OT, physio and any other professionals should also be able to supply supporting evidence for you.
    It would also be useful if you could give more details about the state of your son’s health and mobility so others who have been down the same road can help you more.


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