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    PIP Review of the reviews

    I see on the news that it has been decided to look at all past PIP claims. Ostensibly it is because apparently a court case was lost indicating that those with mental difficulties have been unfairly treated. Those of us here on this forum will know that it is not just those folk, but many more besides.
    Apparently £3.2bn has been set aside to cope with the new reviews, the cynics might say that £3bn will be for Atoz and the rest for claimants. Whatever the true story let us welcome these reviews and hope that they correct many of the glaring and significant errors that have blighted disabled people since this ill conceived PIP was put into motion. Even if every claim was returned to the original level, I doubt it will do anything to take away the hurt, anguish, job losses and even deaths that have occurred because of these wrongly assessed claims.

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