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    vit E

    my mum was at the vet with my aged cat. he asked how I was (norally I do vet runs) and they got to talking about his kitty patients with md. he said vets rutenly give md cats vitamin E. he says it maintains muscle mass.

    Im gonna buy some next time im at boots. is anyone else on vit E or any others.

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    Re: vit E

    My Multi Vitamin tablets apparently contain 100 % of the RDA we need.

    I am thin as a rake. It is not giving much body mass

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    Re: vit E

    I also take a multivitamin with 100% RDA of vit E and eat a good diet and my muscles are wasting. I would only supplement if you are deficient in it.

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    Re: vit E

    Makes my blood boil when the papers and tv [as well as medicos] go on and on and on and on and on about BMI – I have annorexic arms and an over weight middle, humans are individual and therefore cannot conform to one standardised set of numbers.

    I have heard before that MD-ers can have ‘issues’ with absorbing vitamin d. I do take a multi vitamin and minerals pill, a vitamin D and calcium pill and an omega oils capsule, but not every day. Cannot say I have noticed much difference, maybe been a little less dower with the time of year [SAD related] but other than that no startling difference.

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