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    Ok, not an exciting topic but one currently relevant to me.

    I am replacing a basin because I pushed up on it getting up from the toilet too many times and it is cracking.

    I am thinking about suitable replacements, ideally one with wide edges for me to rest my elbows on while shaving.

    Any idea what to go for? what do you have?

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    Re: Washbasins

    I am currently looking at this one :

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    Re: Washbasins

    These are good points you are making.

    Pleased to take them onboard.

    When it comes to any basin or Bath, my number one consideration is always to fit
    lever taps.

    Next time will have all these considerations. Thanks.

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    Re: Washbasins

    Ive used the AKW basin you listed above and let me just say that I found the AKW people really helpful both at road shows and on the phone. great to lean on as no nobly bits to hurt elbows and the front curve is ideal for leaning back for someone to wash your hair without having to have them wash your hair in the shower.

    only thing is with any wall hung (ie without the pedistal) if you are leaning on it to get of the loo then the eventually weaken and get wobble on the wall. I even broke a tap using it to swing on when pivoting upwards. tell them that you lean on sink and ask if there is anyway to reinforce it with extra support underneath or stronger longer fixing screws.

    Have you heard about toilet raisers. you can get really high toilets much higher than the new standard height. makes getting up easier. you can also get plinths that go under a regular toilet to raise it but these are too much hassle as it causes problems with the waste height behind loo and dont look that great and are a pain to clean. I personally would go for the higher toilet. AKW did a range of various height toilets last time I seen them at a show. you probably don’t want to do a full refurb but remember wall hung toilets can be put at whatever height you like combined with grab bars to steady yourself.

    in my new toilet I have the closomat. entire toilet raises/lowers as well as wash/dry your bum.

    Upstairs I have a mountway toilet lift that lifts me to a point that I can weight load. this one rises at a slight angle but if you have a riser recliner chair you will be fine. just dont wear shiny sparkly slid y socks when using it. :rollover: OT supplied this.

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    Re: Washbasins


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