A ‘virtual’ postcard from Florence

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Portraits of the Medici brothers. Copyright History Today https://www.historytoday.com/archive/medici-brothers-1469-78

A new virtual travel experience, from Limitless Travel, invites anyone in the MDUK community to book hour-long interactive video sessions, hosted by expert guides. These Zoom calls give guests a travel opportunity through video and pictures.

Whether it’s an hour strolling through Paris, excavating Pompeii ruins with an archaeologist or meditating with a Buddhist nun, these are very realistic tours.

We are invited to use book a ticket  through the website with a 40% reduction by using this code:  MDUKLIMITLESS.

Our regular columnist, Emily Bonner, who lives with Limb Girdle muscular dystrophy, trialed the tours and was on the edge of her seat, or sofa!  She has even written postcards to friends.

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Hi Jacqui and David!

Today we learnt about The Medici Family of Florence, and heard their story.

It somewhat reminded me of a Shakespeare play. Lots of tragedy – brutal murders, poisonings etc. I love a good story.

Giulia, our guide made me laugh ‘cos she swore with the -F word! And if we got questions wrong we had forfeits with Italian tongue twisters!

Looking at the picture, can you guess which of the brothers was the playboy?

Lots of love



Our regular columnist, Emily Bonner, who lives with limb girdle muscular dystrophy, has been on a virtual trip to Florence as one of eight virtual holidays which she has been trialling for Limitless Travel. The virtual trips are not currently available but will be soon.

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