Local Muscle Groups

Having a muscle-wasting condition often means adjusting to a new and unexpected reality, so it can really help to meet others and talk about the things that matter to you. Muscle Groups are a great opportunity to do just that, near where you live.
Leeds Muscle Group: 2 men and women sit laughing

Our network of local groups, known as Muscle Groups, meet regularly across the UK. The meetings give you a chance to hear about how Muscular Dystrophy UK can support you, as well as the opportunity to meet others who also know what it’s like to live with a muscle-wasting condition.

We have local Muscle Groups in 10 regions of England and in the devolved countries of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. 

Follow the links below for information on these groups:

East Midlands

East of England

Hampshire, Dorset and Isle of Wight


North East

North West

Northern Ireland


South Central

South East Coast

South West


West Midlands

Yorkshire and Humber

We are running both virtual and in-person Muscle Groups this year. Details of all upcoming meetings can be found on our Events page, which will be updated as dates and times of meetings are confirmed. 

If you’d like to receive an invite to the next meetings in your area, please complete the form below.

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