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For over 60 years, we’ve been building our community of people living with muscle wasting or weakening conditions, their families and carers, scientists, health professionals, supporters, volunteers, and donors. Together, we’ve made advancements that would have been unthinkable ten years ago.  

There are over 60 muscle wasting and weakening conditions affecting people across the UK. We’re here to provide expert comment on them and share information about our vital work across all four nations – our research, care and support, policy and campaigns, fundraising, events and more.  

We can also put you in touch with people from our community – because nothing is more powerful than real-life stories and experiences. 

Key spokespeople

Our spokespeople are available for interview or to provide comment on a range of subjects including our campaign work, research into muscle wasting and weakening conditions, emerging treatments and issues affecting people with muscular dystrophy. 

Catherine Woodhead

Catherine has worked in the charity sector for nearly 25 years and has been Chief Executive of the charity since 2018. Providing strong leadership focused on developing appropriate treatments, services and NHS care faster to support individuals, families and the wider muscle wasting and weakening community. 

Dr Kate Adcock
Director of Research and Innovation

Kate is available to discuss and comment on research into muscle wasting and weakening conditions and related neuromuscular conditions, as well as emerging treatments.

Robert Burley
Director of Care, Campaigns and Support

Robert oversees our campaign and policy work in the four UK Parliaments, our information and support team, advocacy service and work with the NHS to improve expert care for muscle wasting and weakening conditions. He is available to discuss and comment on our key charity reports, conditions and health and social care issues affecting people in our community. 

Regional spokespeople

If you’re looking for a more regional focus, we have expert spokespeople available in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland to comment on a wide range of topics. 

Looking for a real-life story to help bring news to life? We can organise interviews with people living with a muscle wasting and weakening condition, their families and carers across the UK.