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Our campaigning work

We campaign to improve the quality of life for people living with a muscle wasting or weakening condition. We believe they should have access to the specialist healthcare, support, and emerging treatments they need, as soon as possible. By bringing together people living with a muscle wasting condition, healthcare professionals, and decision makers within the NHS and other organisations, we can improve treatment and outcomes.

Current campaigns

We work alongside individuals and families affected by muscle wasting conditions, health professionals, politicians, and NHS commissioners to improve healthcare in the UK.

A key part of our work is our access to treatments campaign. We’re committed to identifying and removing the barriers that cause delays to ensure that patients are able to access and benefit from new, safe and effective treatments as quickly as possible.

Campaigning Achievements

For over 60 years we’ve campaigned for people’s rights, better understanding, accessibility, and access to treatments for people with muscle wasting conditions.

Our parliamentary work

We greatly value cross-party support from parliamentarians across the UK. This is vital for improving neuromuscular services, faster access to treatments, and enabling people with muscle wasting and weakening conditions to live independently. Here you will find the latest information about the work of the parliamentary groups in Westminster, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.