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Navigating life’s journey

From transport to education, insurance, dreams, wishes and support with work. Our information is here for you.


If you have a disability or health condition that affects how you move around; you may be able to get a Blue Badge. A Blue Badge allows you to park closer to a destination.


Children and young people with a muscle wasting or weakening condition have the right to an inclusive education that meets their needs.

Insurance information

Insurance is a financial product sold by insurance companies. It protects you from the financial loss caused by an unexpected eventFor people with muscle wasting and weakening conditions, finding certain kinds of insurance may be harder as insurers may see you as more likely to make a claim. 

Charities that offer wishes and dreams

A ‘wish’ or a ‘dream’ aims to provide children, young people, and adults living with a disability, or life-limiting condition the chance to experience something extraordinary. There are several charities in the UK that can help to make a wish or dream come true.

Support with work

Whether you’re in work, or looking for work, here are some schemes to support you to find work or stay in work. We also have have information to help you if you feel you are being discriminated against at work.

We’re here to support you

Our support services

Webinars, Information Days, and support groups for our muscle wasting community. Our life-changing support is here for you.

Call our helpline

Advice for living with or caring for someone with a muscle wasting condition.

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