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La galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. Photo by Fernando Meloni on Unsplash

A new virtual travel experience, from Limitless Travel, invites anyone in the MDUK community to book hour-long interactive video sessions, hosted by expert guides. These Zoom calls give guests a travel opportunity through video and pictures.

Whether it’s an hour strolling through Paris, excavating Pompeii ruins with an archaeologist or meditating with a Buddhist nun, these are very realistic tours.

We are invited to use book a ticket  through the website with a 40% reduction by using this code: MDUKLIMITLESS.

Our regular columnist, Emily Bonner, who lives with Limb Girdle muscular dystrophy, trialed the tours and was on the edge of her seat, or sofa!  She has even written postcards to friends.

Read on.

Dear fellow MDUK members,

After waking up a tad hungover from too much Ouzo, we did relaxing yoga with Trish, followed by a hypnosis meditation. Then it was on to Milano to discover the secrets of Leonardo Da Vinci!
I didn’t realise he was left handed and a left-handed genius at that! I like him even more now.

Natalia, our guide has studied him all her life and I learnt that he used to write backwards and that his texts can only be transcribed using a mirror. We were also told that he hated Michaelangelo and never gave his commissioned pieces to the commissioner!

Finally were were informed that if we want to know more about him then we should head to Paris, so that’s where we’ll be tomorrow!

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