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brown arch in Pompeii ruins. Photo by Andy Holmes on Unsplash

Dear fellow MDUK members,

We are in Pompeii!

I have been here before many years ago, but I had no idea that pre that massive eruption Vesuvius  – (it erupted and covered Pompeii in AD 79!!) Versuvius was twice as high and had just one peak.

Today I had a walk with archaeologist Roberto along the main street. It starts at the amphitheater and ends up in the forum. He neglected to take us to the brothel, but that was ok because I have been there before (ahem..)

The attention to detail is awesome. For example, I love the way they are able to replant the trees in exactly the same location as back in the day, because the roots are still there.

It feels like a living archaeological site because, despite all the work they have done, there is lots and lots left to unearth, we even had a drink from an original fountain (minus the lead piping!)

It was quite an outing and all managed in just one day!

Lots of love



Our regular columnist, Emily Bonner, who lives with limb girdle muscular dystrophy, has been on a virtual trip to Pompeii as one of eight virtual holidays which she has been trialling for Limitless Travel. The virtual trips are not currently available but will be soon.

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