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Air Travel for disabled people is not as straightforward as people seem to think!!

As well as the extra finance needed to pay the tickets for your carers, you need to sort out many other things that able bodied people wouldn’t even think about, like calling the airline in advance so everything is in place from getting you on your flight and off again to having your wheelchair stored in cargo, as well as making sure your accommodation at your destination can meet your accessibility needs to hiring equipment.

There is a sense of a large unfairness of low cost offers for able bodied people, while disabled people have to put up with being forced to find holidays and accommodation not based on price, but on disabled friendliness.

Ventilator users have reported that air travel has become more straightforward, but it can all seem to be a daunting task. Finding the right advice and information has the most utmost of importance.

Luckily, the muscular dystrophy campaign have a guide to help people plan a holiday safely, as well as enabling people to experience the joy of worldwide travel which can be a complicated task by any means.

The report looks more at the medical requirements for people with neuromuscular weaknesses and tasks to be undertaken prior to travel, during and at your destination, so it’s quite handy for people who use ventilators as well.

The medical expert advice in the guide covers the effects of high altitude flying on breathing, what to plan for, including talking to your doctor, sorting out travel insurance and choosing the right destination.

If you have any worries about taking your ventilator or any other medical equipment, our medical advisors have made sure that this topic has thoroughly been covered, so for every part of your journey is covered in this guide.

One of the most important things to do is to start planning early. It is really important to talk to your doctor about your proposed holiday, as well as sorting out your travel insurance, making sure you are able to hire equipment at your destination if needed and finding suitable accommodation before booking your tickets.

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