Attending A Private Tenants Meeting

Published Date

Last Monday evening (4 February 2013), I attended a private tenants meeting with the Camden Federation of Private Tenants (CFPT) in the London Borough of Camden. Representing Trailblazers as London Regional Ambassador, I really enjoyed the meeting and thought we came up with some great ideas.

It was great to be invited, as the organiser told me that he contacted us after seeing our housing report on ‘Inside Out London’ and wanted to get in touch because he had never considered disabled people’s needs in this sector. So, Trailblazers we are making a real positive difference in disabled people’s lives across the country where organisations / media outlets are contacting us without any pre-contact, and we must keep up the good fight.

Furthermore, during the meeting we discussed many things including greater disability awareness training for rent trade bodies and landlords. I plan to develop this relationship further with CFPT and across London to improve disabled peoples’ ability to access the private rented sector (PRS), and hope the Trailblazers network continue to work with CFPT and throughout the country with other organisations / trade bodies to ensure disabled people’s needs are not forgotten as well.

The future looks brighter for disabled people trying to find accessible housing, but this can only move forward if we all continue to always do what we do so well: Engage with Government, organisations, developers and other relevant parties to ensure the greatest success and that they are all continually improving.

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