Experiences of trailblazing part two

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Trailblazing for me is an experience that i probably will remember as the opportunies i have had such as attending chain reaction which gave me a clear picture of what campaigning is all about as before i couldnt even spell the word and thought campaign came in a bottle.

Also the Trailblazing training course which was a very useful to take part in as the opportunity arose to meet other muscular dystrophy sufferers of various types which has helped me understand more about muscular dystrophy.

i feel very pleased that im part of such an amazing campaign network that the mdc as set up and look forward to 2009.

Also i would like to thank everybody i have had the pleasure to meet and work with over the past couple of months its been very enjoyable, would write a list of names but it would be too long,

Many thanks and merry christmas to all and a very happy new year!


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