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I recently attended a conference in Bournemouth and was booked into the Bournemouth Westcliff, Premier Inn in Poole Road. When arriving at the hotel the car park was completely full which meant no disabled spaces were available to park my van. So I parked in front of the reception area and mentioned to a member of staff my predicament. Straight away she went into the car park to check all the disabled spaces had cars all showing badges. One wasn’t available so she rang through to the room the car owners were in and asked them to move their vehicle. Luckily the person was there so he moved his vehicle and the member of staff waited in the space so no one else would take it.

Unfortunately after going up my lift in my van and then transferring into the driver’s seat to move into this space, the van refused to start. Literally nothing would work and I was totally stuck in my seat. I managed to attract the staff member waiting in my space and explained to her what had happened. She was very helpful and even offered to Ring RAC for me but told her it probably be easier for me to do this has I could give them all the relevant details much quicker.

After ringing the RAC, I was given a waiting time of around 45 minutes but sooner if possible. It was beginning to get late into the evening and I had not eaten anything for hours and was feeling very tired after driving for nearly two and a half hours.

But the same member of staff kept coming out to see if I was ok and even brought me a menu out in case they stopped serving in the restaurant before I could get to order my evening meal. They also put a traffic cone in the disabled space so no one else would take it.

The RAC soon arrived and got to work to diagnose my van problems, during this time a waiter came out of the hotel to see what food I wanted to order and mentioned that I wasn’t to worry about my food has they would make sure it stayed warm. Soon my van was working again. It had only been one of the battery connections falling of which meant no battery to run my vehicle. I then finally got into my hotel and my dinner was served and after a few drinks I retired to bed.

I personally think the Bournemouth Westcliff, Premier Inn in Poole Road deserves to be given the Trailblazers Five Star Rating. The staff had gone out of their way to assist me in my hour of need and their politeness, understanding and use of common sense was outstanding.  A big thank you to Bournemouth Westcliff for a real premier experience

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