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Hello everyone

Thought I should introduce myself to you all…
My name is Conor O’Kane, I’m one of the Regional Ambassadors for Trailblazers in Northern Ireland!

I’m just off Conor O'Kane at Old Traffordthe phone to Bobby and we were chatting about the latest campaign on public transport. Here in Northern Ireland if feel the public transport has poor accessibility, and I also feel its not very secure either. 


  • The ‘average joe’ as I call them, can step on to a bus anywhere at anytime.  But as for someone in a wheelchair, we have to plan out which bus has a ramp.  Not all buses have a ramp (especially in the country where i live).

Health & Safety:

  • Can someone explain how trains and buses can get away with not ‘clamping’ a wheelchair?.

I’ll change the subject now lol..

I’m into alot of things but my main subjects of interests are sports (especially football) and music.

I had heard from a few friends from accross the UK there was such a sport as wheelchair football. So here in Northern Ireland at a regional Trailblazers meeting we invited the Development Manager for Disability Football of Northern Ireland to join.  As a result of our hard work, we now have a Northern Ireland Wheelchair Football Club.

Well folks I dont want to bore you all too much, so i’ll finish up here by saying thanks for reading my first ever blog and i hope to write many more and share my experiences with you all in the near future.

Conor. (aka Ginger).

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