My Summer at the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign

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I am Xie Yue, whos from China, and friends call me Yue when i am working at Muscular Dystrophy Campaign.

Muscular Dystrophy Campaign is a warm family which i have ever worked and i really enjoyed working in this charity as it does bright my whole summer life.

At the beginning of my summer holiday after my last year of my undergraduate study in Queen’s, i got the chance to work in the Belfast regional office with the manager Glenn and i should say the first time office working experience makes me be interested in the non-profit organizations so it makes me be more active to involve in  the following events like the mental care with disabled children. And the experience with disabled in person really makes me love working in the meaningful organization as i did feel surprised to see the genius children who produced the advisement video for the campaign and they are the ones who sits in the wheel chair and smiles at me. I was shocked as I cant help thinking that in China maybe its still a shame for disables to go out or even get good education and find their genius interests to develop themselves.

Due to the great curious about the so developed non-profit organization system in the UK  and my great interests of devoting and sharing what I have to the people in need of help, in July when I traveled to London, I contacted the project manager Bobby who I met in the event in Belfast and is working in the head office in London for Muscular Dystrophy Campaign. After the insight experience in the lovely office located at 61 southward, I started to work here and would like to spend my rest summer days here. My first work is the research on phone which Ive never done before as I am always nervous to speak with strangers in English before even though ive been in the UK for 3 years. But thanks to the trust of my boss, I did well and I think everything goes better with time passing by. Meanwhile, I got a great experience in telephone communication as well as the communication confidence which I do think would have great influences on my future career.

Now I am trying to involve in more activities in the charity and the just happened work with the Tesco Team really makes me be more willing to be here as the nice and warm family would definitely make my summer be more colorful and meaningful.

Also when I would start my master degree in York, I would definitely be active in the Yorkshire’s events of the care for the disabled and people who have mobility difficulties as its a non-profit organisation’s non-stop obligation to help others in need of us.

Definitely, I do hope one day in my country, there could be more somewhere like here so there would be more care like here for the disabled people and people in need of help from others in our society.




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