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Emily, who lives with Limb Girdle muscular dystrophy, is a regular columnist in the Oxford Mail under the pseudonym, Two Sticks

What a perfect opportunity this time has created for me to finally work – and to connect – not just on various projects that remain unfinished like my book, but also to reach out to people that either I’ve not connected to before or to extend my acquaintance with them.

I know, I know, it may sound rather ironic but during this lockdown I’ve seemingly had a lot more on my schedule and I’m interacting with people far more than ever, albeit through different sources.

My hat goes off to ‘The Muscular Dystrophy Support Centre‘ for not only bringing a choice of one to one, small group or drop in exercise/breathing technique classes to us virtually but also for their social interactions, namely their coffee mornings and new social Facebook page in which I’m now co-moderator of!

I’ve started my life-long ambition to become a Vlogger and have further pushed out of my comfort zone by uploading my clips to the page (in turn inspiring the philanthropy manager to ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’, so she too has now uploaded a vlog!).

‘Limitless Travel’ are also providing some much needed light-hearted entertainment with weekly karaoke and the like.

Alongside this, I’ve continued my meditation sessions, spiritual guidance and my somewhat poor attempt at yoga!

Still, I found a neatly adapted sun salutation which I aim to do each morning by hanging off the radiator in my living room. There’s full sun throughout the day in there and that’s where I can mainly be found soaking it up and looking out at my beautiful unkempt lawn which now hosts a myriad of small wild flowers that provide a perfect home to the bees and butterflies namely the orange tip who also likes to bask on my dead sedum heads.

It all makes me very happy and I can easily turn my chair around and bury my head in my computer work and Zoom calls when needed.


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