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Hey guys!  Michaela Hollywood here, Trailblazers ambassador for Northern Ireland.

I was over in London on December 4th and 5th for training in Campaigning and handling the Media at Muscular Dystrophy Campaign HQ.  It was great to see some friendly faces there, and I quite honestly can’t believe how many great people I’ve met through Trailblazers and the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign in these last few years.

Campaigning training was a little surreal, as I’m a little country girl from Northern Ireland in the middle of London, being trained by somebody from Belfast!  It was great to get some tips from those doing things like we’re about to embark on every day.  Planning, of course, is key.  I also came away from that training with a completely new found interest in making sure my MLA [MP for you guys in other regions of the UK] holds their Surgery [an event where you can go and meet your MP and pick their brain about a few things] in a place that I, with my four wheels, can access!

After training on the 4th some of the Trailblazers, along with Nic and Bobby and some carers, had a few hours out at the Refinery, talking amongst ourselves and enjoying some time to get to know one another.  We had great fun talking about certain TV programmes, and all the other things we all like to get involved in.

The next day we had training in handling the Media.  It was great to get some useful statistics up our sleeves and to see some weaknesses which are common in interviews.  Keeping to the point and being familiar with what the press is about is also key for any interview.

Overall, I had an absolutely great time in London, seeing everybody and grabing some of those key skills to enhance.  Now, I’m looking forward to what each of us can do to trailblaze some of these issues!

Michaela x

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