A gift in your Will

Why is a gift in your Will important

Our work relies almost entirely on voluntary donations from individuals, groups, companies and grant-making bodies.

Leaving a gift in your Will helps us continue our groundbreaking research and all of our vital work supporting families affected by muscle-wasting conditions.

Why is a Will important?

With a Will in place, you will have control over who will inherit your belongings. Everyone will know what your wishes are, so there will be no difficulties or complications for the loved ones you leave behind. By making a Will, you will have the satisfaction that you have looked after for those close to you. It does not have to be expensive, or complicated.

For more information about leaving a gift to Muscular Dystrophy UK in your Will,  get in touch with our Legacy Team.

Remember, once you have looked after your family, you can help other families living with a muscle-wasting condition all over the UK.

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