In 2017, we announced an investment of over £4.5 million into five new transformational commitments, to provide everyone living with a muscle-wasting condition with choices – to live a life unlimited, understood and never alone.

We believe our five-year investments will make a profound impact on lives, from the moment of diagnosis, improving quality of life, while also seeking to extend them.

These game-changing commitments are designed to increase the number of clinical trials taking place in the UK and to improve the overall care and support for all people living with a muscle-wasting condition.

The biggest challenges in our field require multi-partner approaches to change the landscape. By working in partnership with world-renowned organisations we can share expertise to accelerate the path to treatments and improve clinical care.

Together, we can beat muscle-wasting conditions through accelerating research, driving access to the best of healthcare and enabling independence. Because everyone has the right to live their life to the fullest.


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