British Science Week 2019

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Jenny Sharpe

This Friday marks the start of British Science Week! #BSW19

British Science Week is a celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths. The theme this year is journeys, so we’ll be sharing some stories with you about the journeys of people living with muscle-wasting conditions, and of researchers investigating potential treatments.

Here’s a look at what’s coming up for the week:

  • Alexandra shares her story of what it’s like to live with muscular dystrophy, as well as her journey to diagnosis
  • Dr Melissa Bowerman takes over the MDUK Twitter account on Thursday 14 March – make sure to follow us so you can get an exclusive look into the life of a researcher!
  • We take a look at the journey of of drug development and how new therapies get from the lab to patients

Every day scientists are finding out more about muscle-wasting conditions, bringing us one step closer to developing potential treatments. Although we know there’s still so much to do, there have been significant milestones during MDUK’s 60-year journey:

1959: when MDUK was founded 60 years ago, very little was known about muscular dystrophy

1960s: the charity funded research into the underlying causes of muscular dystrophy, and specific conditions and sub-types started to emerge

1970s: better understanding of the causes started to lead to better care, extending how long and how well people lived with muscle-wasting conditions

1980s: MDUK-funded research gained momentum, while DNA sequencing lead to the discovery of specific genes such as dystrophin (1987) and utrophin (1989)

2000s: the first-ever clinical trial took place into long-term treatments using exon skipping technology

2019: there are over 150 clinical trials taking place globally

We’re as committed as ever to funding pioneering research for better treatments to improve people’s lives today and transform those of future generations. Find out more about our research projects.

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