Manifesto for Muscles launched ahead of general election

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Jonathan Kingsley

The General Election is taking place on 12 December 2019. We know that every day counts for people living with a muscle-wasting condition, but do all the Parliamentary candidates know that?

We want to make sure all candidates running in this election are aware of the issues that matter to people living with muscle-wasting conditions in their constituency.

That is why we have launched our Manifesto for Muscles.

Manifesto for Muscles pledges

Our Manifesto highlights four key issues which have a big impact on the lives of the 70,000 people living with a muscle-wasting condition in the UK. The Manifesto asks Parliamentary candidates to commit to the following pledges:

1. To maintain the UK’s position as a world leading centre for research excellence.

2. To overhaul the drug approval system for new treatments for rare conditions to ensure equal access to treatments across the UK which are safe and effective.

3. To strengthen and improve access to specialist NHS support which meets the needs of people living with muscle-wasting conditions.

4. To ensure people with muscle-wasting conditions can live independently by accessing support, facilities and amenities which they are entitled to.

You can read the full Manifesto here.

Asking candidates for support

We have launched an online action (Please note: this action is now closed as of 12 December 2019) so you can email the candidates in your constituency and ask them to pledge their support to improving the quality of life of people living with a muscle-wasting condition.

If your candidate says that they have signed up but you don’t see their name on this web page, let us know at

We plan to work closely with candidates who sign up and are subsequently elected, so that they can support their constituents, back the pledges and raise awareness of muscle-wasting conditions in Parliament.

If you have any queries about which candidates are seeking election your constituency and if you would like more information about contacting them, you can email Jonathan Kingsley at Muscular Dystrophy UK at

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