SMA Awareness Day 2018

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Emma Smith-Bodie
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Today is SMA Awareness Day 2018! At Muscular Dystrophy UK, we are proud to support and campaign for families affected by this condition.

Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) is a rare inherited neuromuscular condition of which there are several types, varying greatly in severity. The condition may affect crawling and walking ability, arm, hand, head and neck movement, breathing and swallowing. Respiratory issues are a common and dangerous problem for children and adults with the condition.

You can help us raise awareness today in lots of different ways. These include sharing our video of Clare Lucas, our Campaigns and Engagement Manager, describing how we are fighting for access to Spinraza, and posting our infographic on social media.

How you can get involved in SMA Awareness Day:

  • Read about Amy Cameron, who has joined our campaign to fight for families to have access to Spinraza after her son was diagnosed with SMA Type 1
  • Watch Clare Lucas discussing our campaign work
  • Follow our Twitter account and #UKSMAAwarenessDay to join the conversation
  • Learn about new research into using MRI scanners to monitor the condition, and how researchers are scoping out new treatments from existing drugs
  • FInd out how to obtain an alert card so you can inform healthcare professionals of key issues relating to your condition in an emergency
  • Share this infographic to raise awareness
  • Read our factsheet on the condition

Find out more:

Visit our Spinal muscular atrophy page for up-to-date information and resources about the condition.

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