Our position on animal research

Muscular Dystrophy UK acknowledges some people have concerns about the use of animals in medical research. However, to find treatments and ultimately cures for muscular dystrophies and related neuromuscular conditions, we believe that the use of animals in research, in strict accordance with the legal and regulatory guidelines, is necessary in order to derive full benefit from scientific advances.

Muscular Dystrophy UK funds research which utilises a wide variety of methods, some of which involve the use of animals. Muscular Dystrophy UK will not fund animal research unless it is essential and there is no alternative.

The UK has the strictest regulations in the world to control the use of animals in medical research. Muscular Dystrophy UK is a member of the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC), and endorses its position on the use of animals in research.

Muscular Dystrophy UK is committed to the three Rs approach:

  • Replace the use of animals with alternative techniques, or avoid the use of animals altogether.
  • Reduce the number of animals used to a minimum, to obtain information from fewer animals or more information from the same number of animals.
  • Refine the way experiments are carried out, to make sure animals suffer as little as possible. This includes better housing and improvements to procedures which minimise pain and suffering and/or improve animal welfare.
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