New courses and support for GPs and physios

Having a long-term and rare muscle-wasting condition can mean that you end up seeing lots of people who are responsible for different parts of your care.

It’s important that these health professionals know and understand exactly what muscle-wasting conditions are and the appropriate way to manage and treat them. This is why a key part of our work in the Bridging the Gap team is making sure healthcare professionals across the UK have this knowledge and understanding.

Working with hospitals, NHS commissioners, community health professionals and people living with muscle-wasting conditions, we have launched two free online training courses for GPs and physiotherapists.

Physiotherapy has played a really important part in my life and allowed me to stay fit and healthy. People with muscular dystrophy need to find the right balance between being active and not pushing themselves too far.
Patricia Lock from Milton Keynes has a congenital myopathy

Our latest eLearning module is for neurology and community physiotherapists who work with adults. Many people with muscle-wasting conditions struggle to access a physiotherapist who understands the types of exercises and stretches that would be beneficial to them.

This course helps physiotherapists build their knowledge and skills about the management of muscle-wasting conditions in adults. The module covers:

  • assessment
  • exercise
  • contracture and posture management
  • respiratory management.

There are also plans to develop materials and resources for physiotherapists who work with children with muscle-wasting conditions.

The module has also been featured in Frontline magazine which is sent to over 50,000 physiotherapists in the UK.

This comes following our GP eLearning module, which is the first of its kind, and has already been completed by almost 400 GPs.

We GPs need to know when and where to refer patients with muscle-wasting conditions, and be confident in managing acute complications, such as respiratory infections. These conditions are life-limiting and the individuals affected deserve the best quality of life possible through good holistic care. This eLearning course will help you recognise and manage some of the more common muscle-wasting conditions.

Dr Sheonad Laidlaw, Glasgow

The course, developed alongside the Royal College of General Practitioners, has been designed to ensure that:

  • GPs have a better understanding of muscle-wasting conditions, so that
  • patients receive faster referrals to neuromuscular specialists who can diagnose these conditions, and then
  • families get referrals to the best expert care and support available through a Muscle Centre and clinic.


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