Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

At Muscular Dystrophy UK we recognise that we work better together because of our differences. And we best serve our supporters through the diverse abilities, knowledge, experiences, and backgrounds that each unique individual brings to our work. 

We also recognise our responsibility to actively tackle and counter all forms of racism, discrimination, and inequality in our workplace, and in the services we provide.

There is much work to do, and we know we will make mistakes and may not be able to move as quickly as we’d like to. Deep, meaningful, and sustainable change takes time, and there will be lessons to learn, but we will do it.

We have published a document which sets out some high-level guiding principles, which will underpin all the work we undertake. We’ll be regularly monitoring our progress against these principles.

Read the document here
Executive leadership

We rely on our leadership to lead, learn, understand, and support our work towards real and meaningful change across the charity. Our Trustees and senior leadership team will ensure that EDI is core to our business planning, and embed it into our strategy, policies and procedures.

EDI Working Group

This working group, which includes members from all teams across the charity, will advise on relevant issues, share good practice, challenge the status quo, and take other agreed initiatives

The group has responsibility for the development, implementation, and monitoring of outcomes.

As a working group they are also committed to collaborating internationally. Working with international charities to remove barriers for people living with muscle-wasting conditions

1. Culture

When systems change, culture changes. We want to make sure we’re a warm, friendly, diverse and inclusive charity so that everyone who works here or comes into contact with us feels welcome.

2. Training

We want to train all staff in Equality, Diversity and Inclusion training, to make sure everyone embodies our EDI principles in everything we do. We will consistently review the training to ensure that it is relevant.

3. Recruitment

We’re continually reviewing our recruitment practices to make sure that no-one is disadvantaged by our processes.

4. Accessibility

We’re here for everyone in the UK who lives with a muscle-wasting condition. As such, we will identify and remove barriers that may prevent those who need our support from getting it.

5. Identity

Ensuring that MDUK’s brand and support services are representative, inclusive, and reflective of a diverse UK population.