Overview Minicore (multicore) myopathy

Minicore myopathy, also called, multicore myopathy and multiminicore myopathy, falls under the umbrella of congenital myopathies. These are a group of conditions characterised by muscle weakness and wasting.

Minicore myopathy is a rare condition, and is so named because of the presence of core structures in the muscle fibres. There are four subgroups of minicore myopathy, each with varying symptoms and severity.

There is currently no cure for minicore myopathy, but management of the condition is very important and includes physiotherapy, ventilation and corrective surgery where appropriate.

Minicore myopathy is sometimes called multicore myopathy, or multiminicore myopathy, and may also be abbreviated to MmD.

How will it progress?

Progression in minicore myopathy is very variable between individuals. In some people the condition remains static, whilst in others muscle weakness may worsen with time.

Sometimes, individuals with the classic form of minicore myopathy may have progressive scoliosis and may show a decline in respiratory function. In most of these cases the course becomes stable in late childhood and many people continue to walk into adulthood, despite scoliosis and the requirement for respiratory support through ventilation.