Supporting documentation Joseph Patrick Trust grants

See below for information on supporting documentation needed for an application to the Joseph Patrick Trust to be considered by the Panel.

Every application must be supported by:

  • a quote for the cost of the equipment, on headed paper
  • an assessment carried out by a qualified health professional
  • proof that you have already contacted statutory services, even if they have agreed on equipment that is not appropriate for your needs.

Applications not supported by these documents will not be considered.

The assessment letter should confirm that the piece of equipment is the most suitable for your needs. The assessment could be carried out by a range of professionals if appropriately qualified, for example – a physiotherapist, occupational therapist, neuromuscular care advisor, social worker, doctor or nurse.

The assessment must be on headed paper and needs to detail the following:

  • The needs of the individual
  • The need for this specific model / equipment specification
  • Health and safety – the ability of the person to use the equipment safely (e.g. if a wheelchair – road safety awareness, visual perception)
  • Reason the equipment cannot be provided by a statutory authority
  • Contribution (if any) being made towards the cost by a statutory authority (e.g. voucher)
  • Qualification / occupation / employer of professional, with contact details (in case we need to get in touch with them)