What you can apply for Joseph Patrick Trust grants

The JPT Grants Panel will review each application on merit and the amount it awards will depend on the number of applications we receive, and the annual budget. The following is a list of equipment the Panel will consider funding:
  • powered wheelchairs
  • Manual wheelchairs
  • mobility scooters
  • powered wheelchair adaptations
  • power assist wheelchair adaptations
  • Neater arm supports

Please be aware that equipment such as wheelchairs can be costly to repair and maintain so do consider these costs carefully when choosing an item of equipment. Please note that an award is provided on the basis that the equipment is the property and full responsibility of the individual / family.

The JPT does not take responsibility for the repair, upkeep, liability (insurance) and disposal of such equipment. Adherence to this understanding will be required before funding is granted.

What we do not fund:

  • grants outside the United Kingdom
  • equipment which has already been ordered or purchased
  • recurring costs, such as wheelchair repairs, insurance, batteries, tyres, etc.

How much you can expect to be awarded

Below is a guide as to how much the JPT Grants Panel might award you:

  • electric wheelchairs: up to £2,500
  • Manual wheelchairs: Up to £500
  • electric scooters: up to £1,000
  • Riser element on a new, fully-funded NHS wheelchair: Up to £2,500
  • electric wheelchair adaptations (adults and children), such as seating, joystick, etc: up to £200
  • power assist wheelchair adaptations: up to £570
  • Neater arm supports: Up to £1,500 (single bracket)​​​​​​/Up to £2,500 (double bracket)

Please note, the Panel considers all applications individually and any award is subject to the discretion of the Panel and the available budget.