Education guidelines

We are delighted to present this third edition of our Inclusive education for children with muscle-wasting conditions: a guide for schools and parents.

It is designed to help meet the need for accessible, up-to-date information about inclusive education for children and young people with muscle-wasting conditions. The guide builds on the impact of the two earlier editions, which were very well received by families and the teaching community, with more than 10,000 copies having been distributed.

The guide draws on the wide expertise represented by the members of the working party who generously gave their time and their insights to develop this third edition. We give them our warm thanks. We also wish to thank and recognise the valuable support of the Department for Education.

The guide reflects the changes made to the Statement system and the new arrangements in place. It offers advice about health issues, emphasising the variability of muscle-wasting conditions, and highlights the need for social, emotional and psychological support. We do hope parents and schools find this revised edition informative and helpful.

Robert Meadowcroft, former Chief Executive
Muscular Dystrophy UK

Our youngest son Harry has SMA type 3. We had many difficulties with secondary transfer relating to funding for necessary adaptations. This had a huge effect on our family. The school has academy status, which made the scenario considerably worse. Muscular Dystrophy UK was amazing throughout our fight. They offered support, advice and were always there throughout the process. We were lucky to have a positive outcome and Harry starts year 7 next week.

Joanne Worrell, Hertfordshire