Am I eligible for PIP? Personal Independence Payment

Entitlement to PIP depends on the following eligibility criteria. You are eligible for PIP if you meet a specific set of criteria, which we detail for you below.

You must:

  • have had a health condition for three months before applying, and have the condition for a further nine months after applying
  • have been in the UK for two of the past three years
  • be aged between 16 and your state pension age

There are exceptions and additional rules to the eligibility criteria if you have a terminal illness, if you live abroad or if you’re not a British Citizen. Please get in contact if you require further information.

Your needs are considered under the following areas, or ‘descriptors’:

Daily living

  • Preparing food
  • Taking nutrition
  • Managing therapy or monitoring a health condition
  • Washing and bathing
  • Managing toilet needs or incontinence
  • Dressing and undressing
  • Communicating verbally
  • Reading and understanding signs, symbols and words 
  • Engaging with people face to face 
  • Making budgeting decisions


  • Planning and following journeys
  • Moving around

When you are being assessed, you will be given the score that best fits with your description of how your condition affects you. This is why it is vital to give as much detail as possible on your application.

How is PIP calculated?

PIP is made up of two separate components:

  •  daily living component – for help participating in everyday life
  •  mobility component – for help with getting around.

Each component is paid at one of two rates: the standard or enhanced rate. Which rate you receive will depend on how your condition affects you.

If successful, you could get one component at one rate, both components at the same rate, or both components at different rates. It is decided on a points system, explained further on in the guide.

The components will be added together to make a weekly rate, which is usually paid every four weeks in arrears directly into your chosen bank account.