How to apply for PIP Personal Independence Payment

The first step to making an application is to call the DWP and request a PIP form.

It’s usually quickest to phone, on 0800 917 2222, but you can also write or text the DWP.

Making a new claim to PIP: 0800 917 2222

General enquiry line for PIP (also for existing claims): 0800 121 4433

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During the initial phone call, you will be asked for details including your full name, date of birth, national insurance number, bank details, address and contact information.

If you have difficulty providing this information over the phone, ask someone to call on your behalf; you will need to be present if someone does this.

Following the call, you will be sent the How your disability affects you form.

This is the PIP application form.

Please refer to the PDF Factsheet on the page titled - Personal Independence Payment for a detailed, stage by stage guide to filling in this form.